Monday, August 02, 2004

ello ello!

Hi! how are ya?! im am great! i am home all alone! :) and there is nuthing to do!! i was watching EX-treme dating but then i got bored so i turned it to the price is right! WAHOO! ya sum lady i think won a mustange... SO I WAS LIKE AHH! YAY! ya i wanted to post a comment in jessys blog thinggy but u no i didnt have an account thinggy.... lol so i made one and here i am! WAHOO! ya i am going bowling today with nathan :) and twigg and shea! gunna be fun! yep yep! yaa my mommy is at this gay church office thing and she should be home in like.... 20 min or so! ya sum dude called me this morning at like 10 and he woke me up! i was like o no u didnt! so i didnt answer the fone. AH my mom took mine so i couldnt answer it.. o well! I AM SO FRIGEN BORED!! we rented school of rock! HAHA never seen it b4 but u no thats why i rented it! ah! WE WENT TO SAM AND ANDYS LAST NIGHT! that was good stuff man! ya! well im out! cya!!! LYL esspecially u nathan HAHAHA ;) cya!